ASA Bareboat Chartering 104

This is the class that will take you to distant shores. Not only will you really be able to call yourself a skipper, other people will too! Just try it yourself, go anywhere in the world and ask to charter a boat. They’ll throw you the keys to any boat you want, because they know you’ve been taught to one of the highest standards in the world. This course is like getting a Masters Degree in sailing.

You will be living aboard, cooking meals, sleeping on the anchor and navigating your way to faraway sailing destinations. You will learn to become self sufficient, mechanical and thorough. Not only will you learn about the boat itself, like the engine, electrical and plumbing, but you’ll learn how to check in and out of foreign countries, how to use modern electronics, how to sail through busy shipping lanes, and how to provision.

On our 104 trips, we will sail in “watches”, cook meals while in a seaway, and choose the best weather windows to make the two offshore passages. Of course, the best thing about sailing to amazing places is getting to enjoy them, and we will be doing plenty of that as well. This class is not a simulation, it’s 100% the real thing. We will be dealing with real life scenarios, solving real life problems, and sailing a serious ocean. Through teamwork, seamanship, and a thirst for adventure, we will set sail over the horizon and into the unknown. You’ll feel like a different person when we return; you will be a skipper.

Skills You Will Learn

Real time offshore cruising skills

Basic diesel motors

Basic electrical systems

Usage of modern marine electronics

Customs clearing procedures

Provisioning (food, fuel, water)

Advanced Navigation

Advanced sail handling

Advanced weather forecasting

Docking procedures