ASA Basic Coastal Cruising 103

This next step in your sailing education is priceless. It’s one thing to sail in local protected waters in light winds and sunny skies, but cruising is about going places outside of your comfort zone. You’ll experience rough weather, unknown waters, crowded anchorages and lots of decisions. We want you to be prepared for the unknown, because mistakes are costly and many can be avoided altogether.

This course is really about teaching you how to think like a skipper. Your 101 skills will be fully deployed, but now we will be building a completely new structure on top of that foundation. We will teach you how to plan a cruise, how to forecast the weather, and how to sail in any and all conditions. We will be selecting anchorages, reefing sails and using intermediate navigation skills.

If the 101 class is high school, 103 is college. You will be completely immersed in challenging situations, changing conditions, and a true adventure. These are the skills that you will need to start cruising. With years of experience, our instructors are the best at working with different learning types, keeping things safe and fun. This course is within anyones reach and we guarantee you will walk away feeling like a real sailor.

Skills You Will Learn

Intermediate coastal navigation

Chart plotting

Reefing (sail reduction)


Heavy weather tactics

More knots

Hypothermia treatment

Usage of cruising guides and informative literature

How to plan for a cruise

Advanced Man Overboard retrieval