ASA Basic Keel Boat 101

Every dream starts somewhere. ASA 101 is the foundation to which you will build the rest of your sailing career. This two day class will not only build your hands on sailing skills, but also give you the knowledge and vocabulary that every sailor needs. Our philosophy as instructors is repetition, we will hone in and sharpen all of your skills again and again.

We don’t want you to just be an OK sailor, we want you to be one of the best. We think of sailing as a precise art form, perfect sail trim, spot on maneuvers, and courses held straight as an arrow. We want to see you working as a team, communicating with fluid motion and decisive action. Precision sailing is something you can be proud of, and using the correct vocabulary is vital.

You will soon find that there is a huge difference between the Mariner and the boater. Understanding the rules of seamanship is just as important as what you learn in Drivers Education. This class will shape you into a sailor, a mariner, and get you on your way to becoming a skipper, a title that is held with pride.

Skills You Will Learn

Learn your knots

Rules of the road

Basic Navigation

Points of sail

Tacking and Gybing


Crew skills

Sailing Vocabulary

Man overboard retrieval

Safety equipment

General Seamanship

Magnetic compass usage